It’s been 365 days since…

The most important day of our lives…

The day we conquered all obstacles we had before us…

The day you and I became a family…

The day we said a promise to be always together…

The day we said “I do”


My Bubu.. Love you…


PS: we didn’t actually say “I do” but yeah.. you know.. 😛

More about Bébé

An Indonesian who currently living in Helsingborg, Sweden. A wife and a mom of two cute baby girls. A gadget-freak, manga lover and k-pop listener. Has a passion for photography. Love traveling and cooking.

4 thoughts on “It’s been 365 days since…

  1. Pipijojo

    happy first anniversary Bebe dan Bubu.. moga makin langgeng aja, cepet2 dapet momongan, dan yang pasti didoain supaya bisa ngerayain 100th anniversary *maap agak lebay*. amiiinnnnnnn


    1. Bébé

      amiiiiiin.. amiiiin… makasih ucapannya..


  2. Angela

    Happy Anniversary Bebe & Bubu! Nggak kerasa udah setaun ya? Cepet bener. Langgeng-langgeng, dan semoga dirimu semakin merasa seperti at home di Swedia.


    1. Bébé

      Iya nih cepet banget udah setahun aja.. ^_^ amiiin makasih doanya..


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