I'll Take Care of You…

Pingin banget pas di resepsi ada lagu ini.. sayangnya pada hari H nanti gue ga ada entertainmentnya.. 😛 cuma gamelan jawa ajah… ^___^


I’ll Take Care of You – Steve Curtis Chapman

I’ll take care of you
Don’t be sad, don’t be blue
I’ll never break your heart in two
I’ll take care of you
I’ll kiss your tears away
I’ll end your lonely days
All that I’m really tryin’ to say
Is I’ll take care of you

I want you to know that I love you so
I’m proud to tell the world you’re mine
I said it before, I’ll say it once more
You’ll be in my heart ’til the end of time

I’ll take care of you
Don’t be sad, don’t be blue
Just count on me your whole life through
‘Cause I’ll take care of you

PS: coba cari lagunya deh.. enaaaaaaaaaak bangeeet buat wedding reception.. ^_^

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2 thoughts on “I'll Take Care of You…

  1. bebe'

    huahahahahaha.. seru juga ya.. 😛 tapi nanti gamelan jawanya juga pake rekaman.. hahaha. merki banget deh buat entertainment.. 😛


  2. yulia

    Bebe, nyanyiin aja pake gamelan jawa… ^_^


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