Mau Gila Rasanya…

Perasaan lagi campur aduk sekarang… Rasanya sedih banget tapi disisi lain marrrraaah luar biasa karena gue ga bisa berbuat apa2 selain MENUNGGU.. and it sucks.. karena dengan berlalunya hari semakin sedikit jangka waktu gue bisa ngurusinnya..

Yups.. I’m talking about the whole Resident Permit thing.. Damn!! ga pernah gue kira akan sesusah dan semenghabiskan pikiran gini ngurusin resident permit. Last time I posted about RP thingy was 2 months ago, when I said that it supposed to be on it’s way to be processed.. Which turn out today, I just found out that for the whole 2 months I waited for the result, the application didn’t even touch by the migration people. They said they got an URGENT case that made all of them to drop whatever they were doing and work on that.. Which now leave my application just lying there untouched. And the person that supposed to worked on my case-which now she’s not, said the new person that is GOING to work on the application will do it in near future.. and with me only 4 months left to wait. And it’s not even gonna be granted. They still can say NO. Arrrrggghh…


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