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Wiken kemarin dari sekolah diajak jalan2 ke perpus dan disaranin untuk minjem buku dalam bahasa Swedia. Setelah ngubek2 seluruh perpus akhirnya saya membawa pulang 4 buku.. (padahal disuruh minjemnya 1 aja dari sekolah (¬_¬”) ). Buku2 yang kemarin dipinjem adalah :

  • LasseMajas Detektivbyrå series… Minjem 3 edisi, Cirkus Mysteriet, Biograf Mysteriet, dan Biblioteks Mysteriet. LasseMajas Detektivbyrå ini ceritanya tentang sepasang anak kecil cewe+cowo yang suka memecahkan berbagai misteri di kota mereka, Valleby. Sedikit penjelasan mengenai buku ini copas dari wikipedia..

“The first book on Lasse-Maja’s detectives are “Diamond Mystery”, and has seen so far (2009) Seventeen books in the series have been released. The series will form the basis for SVT’s Christmas calendar 2006th In May 2010 it reached its eighteenth book in the series, Camping Mystery [1]. The series is about a girl (Maia) and a boy (Lasse) who lives in the small town Valleby. They have a passion for mysteries, and have therefore started a detective agency. They often help the chief of police with difficult cases to find who is stealing expensive things like wallets, watches and mobile phones during circus performances in “Circus Mystery”. The books takes place all in Valleby and the city’s spatial structure shown in the map that opens each volume. The cast has a central role in the books and the same person appears in multiple volumes. The books is aimed at young readers and is the same structure. Chapter books have eight or nine chapters, the first two chapters are used to present the gallery of characters and possible motives for the crime. In the final chapter usually Lasse Maja and explain how the crime went to and how they figured out the solution. The structure and style reminiscent of a whodunit.”

Buku selanjutnya…

  • Tvillingarna Thornthwaites Testamente atau Thornthwaite Inheritance karya Gareth. P. Jones. Ceritanya seperti dibawah ini :

“Ovid and Lorelli Thornthwaite have been trying to kill each other for so long that neither twin can remember which act of attempted murder came first. But whoever struck first, trying to take each other’s lives is simply what they do. Until one day a lawyer arrives at their house to take stock of its contents, and his accompanying son attracts their attention. Soon a new battle evolves – one in which the twins have to work together to solve the mystery of their parents’ deaths. Can Lorelli and Ovid overcome their old animosities, and will they ever get to finish that game of chess?”

Cerita yang ini lebih sulit kalimat2nya.. jadi agak lebih susah dibaca.. ( x_ x)

Hayoooo.. kira2 sebulan kelar ga ya baca 4 buku ini.. terutama yang tentang si kembar.. (ˇ⌣ˇ)-c<ˇ_ˇ) tebeeeel bener bukunyaaa.. *sigh*

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2 thoughts on “Books I’m Reading Now…

  1. kittenholic

    Wah bukunya pake bahasa swedia.. tebel pula haha.. good luck ya! tp rasanya sih abis sukses abisin itu 4 buku bahasa swedianya pasti tambah lancar.. *amin hehehe


    1. Bébé

      Hahahaha… yang buku detektif untungnya banyak gambar dan tulisannya besar2.. jadi cepet abisnya.. 😛 cuma yang tentang si kembar aja nih, kayaknya susah..

      Amiiiin.. semoga makin lancar.. tack så mycket..


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