Epic Fail


What an epic fail today.. (idiot)

So.. on the last post I said that I was planning on watching an orchestra from Germany called The Chamber Philharmonic Europe.. Well today bubu and I went to the stortorget 20 minutes before the show started. When we got there and saw the big stage (the biggest on the festival) turn out they still have another band performing. it was still few minutes until the time for the orcherstra to start. Then when it finally finished, they started to cleaned up the stage and change the stage settings and stuff. But it just felt weird because they worked on a really slow pace and it was only like few minutes left until 5. There’s no way they gonna let the performance goes late.. right?

After a while watching all the worker still fixing the stage, bubu asked for my ipod and he checked the exact venue of the ochestra from the official website. The thing is on the Malmöfestival website, they wrote 2 different places, so we both thought of the most famous one – Stortorget. After few times reading the text, he said.. yeah.. it’s not here.. and my face just turn blue or red or maybe purple. My brain started to ramble It’s not here?? how can that be?? then where is it?? We walked towards a church 50 meters away from the stortorget and hope it’s there.. and.. of course it’s not…

We searched the big map signage and started to look around for the second name on the website. Turned out it’s at a teater around 150 meters away from the stortorget.. It’s not even on the same road.. aarrrrgghh.. So we dashed ourself there – already 15 minutes late. When we finally got there.. the girl guarding the door said to a pack of people infront of us that the venue already full.. O.M.G…

When I heard it.. my heart just sank.. How can I be so stupid and not really paying attention to the name of the place.. I got like few days to actually figured that out.. I walked home crying (seriously) and yeah.. just feeling annoyed to myself.. I know I probably over-reacted but yeah.. It was something that I’ve been waiting for and it’s a rare opportuninty also. My head filled with “what-if ?” stuff now.. Hiks.. hiks.. (cry)


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