Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

For me the best comfort in the world is being home.. But since I live 10.000 km away from it now, I have no other choice than to bring home here. One of the things that makes me feel like I’m back in Indonesia is by eating the food. The thing is.. in Sweden, there’s no Indonesian restaurant. You might find a lot of Thai resto but not Indonesian. So yeah.. I have to make it on my own..

Swedish food and Indonesian food are really different. Swedish food is more simple and straight forward while Indonesian food like other South East Asian countries is packed with spices.


Sweet and Sour Fried Chicken


Fried Chicken with Butter Sauce... hmmmm...
Fried Rice Special ala bebe
"Kalasan" Fried Chicken

To be honest, I just started to cook properly after I moved to Sweden. Before the only thing I managed to produce were instant noodle and some random food I created by mixing random stuff (X_X)… So I pretty amazed by my self I might say.. ^_^ Of course the foods I posted above were the simple one. I’m still learning on cooking other recipes.

But yeah, every time I made some familiar food that I used to eat back home.. Instantly I felt like I’m sitting next to my family in our dining room having a great time. It’s amazing how small stuff can give a huge impact on you.. right?

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. Neng

    goreng pisangnya mana mbak? 🙂


    1. Bébé

      Huhuhu belum bikin nih.. Aku ga ngerti harus pakai pisang yang mana.. Hiks..


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