Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

This week theme is actually kinda hard.. It took me a while to found the pictures that I think suited the theme.

Where will it fly to ?

Took this picture early this year in Malmö, Sweden near the Turning Torso area. I had my eyes on it for a while until it flew right infront of me.. And I was thinking.. Where will it fly to? hmm…

* * * *

The possibility of every path you take...

This one I took in Helsingborg also early this year. I always love taking pictures of road sign like this. It just makes you wonder where the road might take you. Specially in new places. It’s exciting..

* * * *

Did he jump or not ?

I went to Kristianstad one day with my friends and we went to this beach not too far from town. There in the dock a lot of kids just climbed to the wooden rail then jumped to the sea. Took this one while the boy still thinking on jumping or not.. What do you think? Did he do it? ^_^

* * * *

I like this week theme. It’s really challenging on getting those pictures that can connect to others who see it. Well I hope you enjoy my pictures..

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An Indonesian who currently living in Helsingborg, Sweden. A wife and a mom of two cute baby girls. A gadget-freak, manga lover and k-pop listener. Has a passion for photography. Love traveling and cooking.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. mellifluousmurmurs

    The first one is probably one of the best pictures I have ever seen! Unbelievable shot!


  2. Robin

    Lovely photos on their own. And perfect for the challenge.


  3. Jo Bryant

    That first shot has it all – amazing capture.


  4. Brenda

    wow, love that first shot. Great photo!


  5. Neng

    I wish you have a “like” button 🙂


  6. Bébé

    @All… thank you for the nice comments.. ^_^

    @neng.. lagi cari plugin yang pas nih..


  7. Leny

    Hoaaaa foto angsa terbangnya keren bangeeeeet
    foto lainnya juga bagus2.. mantap bebe!
    aku mau ikutan weekly photo contest juga ah.. hihi *padahal bukan pengguna wordpress*


    1. Bébé

      Ayoo ikutan.. seru loh tema2nya… cuma aku juga ga rutin ikutannya nih.. kadang males.. 😀


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