Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

For this week photo challenge, I looked back to my summer trip to Berlin last July. There we went to the Jewish Museum where they have one of coolest building design ever. It’s hard to explain it with words, so I think it is better for you to see it yourself with this picture below.

When I saw that pic, it’s just felt like a symbol of life.. where we constantly need to choose between two choices (or maybe more).. One road might lead you to the light, the other might be another dead end and you need to go back. And usually we just stuck on chossing in between for a while…

Hope you all enjoy my intrepetation of the challenge this week…

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An Indonesian who currently living in Helsingborg, Sweden. A wife and a mom of two cute baby girls. A gadget-freak, manga lover and k-pop listener. Has a passion for photography. Love traveling and cooking.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. Zilko

    hmmm, angle fotonya unik banget nih. Keren


  2. Brandon

    I love this photo! Thanks for sharing. http://wp.me/pdJ7S-sW


  3. ElizOF

    What a beautiful shot! 🙂
    Happy Holidays!


  4. Nando

    Looks like an optical illusion!


  5. pix & kardz

    a cool photo – looks like a place i would like to see, too!
    thanks for sharing


  6. Gilly

    I love it, it’s like an optical illusion!


  7. Chita

    Keren Bebe! Ambilnya dimana niy?


    1. Bébé

      di Jewish Museum di Berlin, Chit… tempatnya baguusss…


  8. Nandini

    Amazing, and great photography. What an angle! 🙂

    Merry Christmas, have a peaceful and fun holiday!
    – Nandini


  9. arman

    waaa bagus fotonya!!!


  10. jake

    Great interpretation for this week Theme 🙂


  11. Bébé

    thanks everyone for the nice comments…


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